about me

Hi, I'm Jaquelyn!

I've been married to my wonderful husband, Hayden, for over 2 years now.
{you can see wedding pictures here, here & here}
I am SO thankful for him, he's my best friend, an amazing provider,
always makes me laugh & he puts up with me even when I'm grumpy.

photos by A&M Photography

And I'm a mom now!
{still a little weird, I don't automatically identify myself as someone's mother!}

Graham was born on February 27th, 2014 & totally turned our world upside down.
He had a rough start {I'll tell more of that story another time},
but he's doing quite well now & brings us a lot of joy.

We also have our furry baby, Lucy!
We brought home our little Goldendoodle pup at the end of August {2013}.
She's 9 months old now, ridiculously smart & more than a little dorky.
She loves attention, rawhide treats & her fox toys.

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